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          PRODUCTS > Plastic sheet production line > Pc/pmma optical sheet production line

          Pc/pmma optical sheet production line


          Pc/pmma optical sheet production line

          PC/pmma optical sheet products are mainly used in the automotive industry; membrane switches in the electronics and electrical industries; LCD screens for computers, mobile phones, and business channels; sunglasses, sun hats, mirrors, protective masks; special printing; medical packaging, etc. .

          1 sheet thickness range: 0.15 ~ 1.0mm; 0.2 ~ 1.5mm

          2 product width: ≤ 660mm; 680 mm; 720 mm; 850 mm; 1000 mm; 1100 mm; 1200 mm; 1250 mm;

          3 equipment width: ≤ 800 mm; 900 mm; 1000 mm; 1100 mm; 1200 mm; 1300 mm; 1400 mm;

          4 single screw extruder specifications: Φ65; Φ80; Φ90; Φ105; Φ120; Φ130

          5 Extrusion amount: ≤100KG/H; 200 KG/H; 350 KG/H; 400 KG/H; 500 KG/H


          PC/pmma optical sheet production line consists of:

          Extrusion main machine: It adopts high-efficiency single-screw extruder with high output and good plasticizing ability.

          Net changer: wick-type high-efficiency screen changer, featuring a pressure-stable filter area for a long time without changing the net.

          Pressure sensor: It adopts the American Dennis pressure sensor and has high sensitivity.

          Metering pump: It has a stable pressure function, which makes the pressure of pc/pmma into the die stable, and the product is even and thick.

          Extrusion die: Single-layer and multi-layer composite co-extrusion die designed by hangers. The interior of the mold is polished and hard-coated to ensure stable and uniform extrusion and good surface finish.

          Three-roll calendering: It adopts horizontal vertical or inclined structure, and separately controlled water (oil) temperature, control device, guarantees accurate temperature control, and synchronous synchronizing of roller and easy adjustment of thickness.

          Traction machine: It adopts two-roller traction design and variable frequency speed regulation to provide accurate tension ratio for pc/pmma optical sheet production line, which provides safety guarantee for production.

          Automatic cutting system: Servo motor drive cutting method and automatic metering device ensure fast cutting and flatness.

          Electrical control system: Germany Siemens PLC automation control system.