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          PRODUCTS > Plastic sheet production line > PP/PE/PS/ABS sheet production line

          PP/PE/PS/ABS sheet production line


          PP/PE/PS/ABS sheet production line

          Qingdao Ou Rui Taike Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. pp / pe / ps / abs sheet production line features:

          1. The newly designed mixing type high-efficiency screw can maximize the production capacity while ensuring uniform plasticization of materials.

          2. The hanger-type mold adopts double-throttle design to make the sheet thickness adjustment more precise.

          3. The three-roll calender is horizontal or vertical or 45-degree oblique design, which can be adjusted by electric or manual, independent water temperature control.

          4. The traction machine adopts frequency conversion control, and the whole production line has a one-speed speed-up function, which is convenient to operate.

          5, the cutter uses a round knife design to bring its own power, to ensure that the edge material has no warpage, burrs and other issues.

          6. The double-station winder is equipped with an automatic metering device to set the product length.